Welcome to North Land Aircraft

North Land Aircraft specializes in raw materials for experimental aircraft and general aviation.  Our experience is in scratch building aircraft and the design and manufacture of hard-to-find aircraft components.

During the course of our work, we compiled a complete collection of digital Piper PA-18 Super Cub drawings.  These Super Cub blueprints are now available to you in PDF format on a single Memory Stick along with the parts catalog and PA-18 L21 Erection and Maintenance manual.

You could literally build a Super Cub with the information available on this site.  Feel free to download a few sample drawings from the Memory Stick.

Please visit our Online Store for information on how you can purchase the entire collection.

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Latest Developments

North Land Aircraft is the source of Piper PA-18 Digital Drawing software.  All original drawings on the latest Memory Stick are updated and very easy to read. There are a total of 1075 drawings on the Memory Stick. All drawings are made available on a Memory Stick in PDF format.  A large plotted blueprint of the fuselage diagram is also available for easy reference.  The Memory Stick, plotted fuselage blueprint, Piper PA-18 Erection and Maintenance Manual, and more is available in our online store.

If you are ready to paint your Super Cub and cannot decide on the exact color scheme, download and print our PA-18 line drawing to experiment with the colors on paper.

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